West-End Declamation – PRSD students learn valuable public speaking skills

West-End Declamation – PRSD students learn valuable public speaking skills

On Tuesday May 13, 2014, E.E. Oliver Elementary School hosted the West-End Declamation where several grades one to six students from five schools displayed their public speaking skills.  

Students from Menno Simons Community School, Worsley Central School, Hines Creek Composite School, EE Oliver Elementary School and St. Thomas More participated in the Regional event. Grades one to four students recited poetry and grade five and six students presented speeches.

PRSD students took home top marks in three of six categories. Winners from each category have their names inscribed on a plaque proudly on display in their schools.

The following PRSD students were first place winners:

  • MJ Distrito, grade two student from Worsley Central School “Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens”
  • Hanna MacDowall, grade three student from Hines Creek Composite “Ma! Don’t Throw That Shirt Out!”
  • Jazmin MacDowall, grade five student from Hines Creek Composite “What Does It Mean to be Canadian?”

The Regional Declamation judging panel included several PRSD teachers, the Supervisor of Teaching and Learning, Carol Fedoruk as well as Superintendent Paul Bennett.

Earlier this spring, each school held a declamation contest where all students had the opportunity to participate and practice their public speaking skills. Top speakers for each grade level were selected by a panel of judges to advance to the Regional Declamation. PRSD congratulates all students for their participation in both school based and the regional Declamation.

Thank you to EE Oliver School for holding the event at your school, Coralee Ingram-Coghill, Jessica Whelan and Lexie Laroko for organizing the Regional Declamation, EE Oliver Principal Kelly McGovern for being the hostess, the judges, Andrea Shaw, volunteers and community members for your attendance, involvement, time and support. 


Top left -several Declamation participants
Top right - grade two winnner: MJ Distrito, Worsley Central School
Bottom left - grade five winner: Jasmin MacDowall, Hines Creek Composite School
Bottom right - grade three winner: Hanna MacDowall, Hines Creek Composite School