Spotlight on Health and Safety

Spotlight on Health and Safety


Kristy Shilka, PRSD Health & Safety Coordinator

Emergency Readiness

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time.  They can be caused by natural disasters, medical emergencies, environmental hazards, or by intentional acts.  The very nature of an emergency is unpredictable and can change in scope and impact.

Schools are places where emergency management planning is vitally important to the well-being of students and staff.  When an emergency arises, the first consideration for every staff member is the safety of our students and staff.  Training and drills conducted throughout the year at facilities and on buses test our emergency management planning and prepares staff and students to respond during an emergency.

Parents and guardians can assist with our emergency planning by ensuring your child’s emergency contact information is up to date with the school and our transportation office.  In the event of an emergency, we strongly encourage parents to remain calm and cooperate with school and public safety officials and to refrain from coming to the school unless requested to do so.  Your natural instincts in an emergency may be to go to the school, however, please understand that this may impede the response to the situation.  Keep your phone lines open and know that parents will be alerted to emergency situations through direct phone calls and/or electronic communication. Also, stay tuned to local radio stations and watch our website and social media as we will share as much information as possible to ensure our families are informed while keeping the safety of students and staff at the forefront.  Consider discussing alternative arrangements with your child in case any situation prevents you from being home at the time of an emergency.

When visiting our facilities, parents and guardians are to report to the front desk and sign in as it is important for us to know who is in the building at all times.

If you or your family are caught in an emergency or disaster, are you prepared?  If an emergency happens in your community, it is recommended that you should be prepared to take care of yourself and family for a minimum of 72 hours. Your best defence in any emergency is having a plan and being familiar with what to do.

The more we are able to prepare for emergency situations the more likely we will be able to ensure the safety and well-being of our school communities, save lives, reduce damage and return home safely to our loved ones.