Wildlife Safety

Wildlife Safety

Safety Message – Wildlife Safety

Spring is quickly arriving and soon wildlife activity will be increasing. Hibernating animals, such as bears, will be leaving their dens in search of food to replenish their health from a long, cold winter. Deer, moose and elk will also be searching for food. Wildlife will seek nourishment wherever they can find it and will enter backyards, playfields and town areas. Often adult wildlife will have their offspring with them and  be very protective of their young from both predators and people.  It is important to be aware of our surroundings. If there is wildlife in the area, space and time should be given to leave the area and avoid any possible conflicts with them.

The Peace River School Division, recognises that many of our schools have encounters with wildlife. When an encounter occurs the schools go into a hold and secure situation where all students and staff are called into the school. The children go on with their day but remain indoors until the principal gives the all clear and students are again allowed outside for their activities.

For more information on wildlife please follow the attached link provided by Alberta Fish and Wildlife: https://www.alberta.ca/human-wildlife-conflict.aspx

PRSD Safety Advisory Committee